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Level Up With AyePe!

Date Nite 

Couples Class 

  This class is very intimate and very hands on. With your partner you’ll be dipping different fruits that are considered aphrodisiacs, learning what foods and sweets you can eat to turn you on, drinking red wine (another aphrodisiac), and playing different sex(y) games with your partner. Trust when I say you’ll be licking, kissing, and dipping things you’ve never dipped, before! 

  This class includes all supplies to dip, guided activities, a bottle of red wine, a aphrodisiac candle from @theerikallencollection bedroom collection, and a mini lesson about different sweets that turn you on, and games that’ll get you both of you in the mood. 

All you need to do is provide the space! You can even upgrade this class to add dinner! 

By the time I leave (or while I’m there if that’s your thing, I don’t judge!) you’ll be ready to get it on!

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One On One Cake Class


In this 3 hour in-person cake class you will learn the cake basics. You will make and take home my American Buttercream recipe, Learn how to stack a two their cake, as well as learn my process of cake decorating and aesthetics. Learn all of this using real cake! All the tools are included when you purchase this class and you will also receive lunch and the opportunity to. ask any questions. 

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Cupcakes & Cocktails

Private Party Edition 

Its like Sip and Paint but with CUPCAKES! In this class you'll gather your favorite 5 (or more for an additional price) people to decorate a pack of 4 delicious cupcakes with AyePe himself as your instructor. Although this is labeled as a class its more like a party. With this class you provide the venue (or home) and the wine and we'll bring the cupcakes, decorating tools, and fun games!  This party can be tailored for any type of occasion like couples night, date night, adult parties, kids parties, cooperate team building meetings and so much more! 

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